CMU Med School Professor Leads COVID-19 Research

The COVID-19 pandemic hit with little known about the virus and how to treat it. Doctors and researchers have had to learn along the way.

One key researcher, Dr. Asim Kichloo, is an associate professor at the Central Michigan University School of Medicine.

“As a researcher, it cannot get any bigger than this. As a clinician, it cannot get bigger than this,” says Dr. Kichloo, “As a doctor, it cannot get bigger than this.”Cmu Covid Research Pic

For researchers like Dr. Kichloo, the COVID-19 pandemic has given them the opportunity to study the impact of a massive virus in real time.

“We are in such times where educators and researchers have a bigger role than just being a doctor,” says Dr. Kichloo.

He has authored more than a dozen research papers ranging from effective treatments for COVID-19 to who needs the most attention.

“Identifying the high risk population really helped,” says Dr. Kichloo.

As a full time internist, Dr. Kichloo and others on his team use real life experience to find out-of-the-box solutions for a virus. He reminisced on a patient that was not responding to treatment but turned the corner with a little conversation.

“We always think about, ‘I have to treat them by giving the medication, I have to do it by doing this’ but that human touch,” says Dr. Kichloo, “That is something that is so important in our cure.”

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