Standing the Test of Time: Old Mission General Store Celebrating 181 Years

There are countless charming destinations to visit here in Northern Michigan. One near the top of that list is the Old Mission General Store located on the Old Mission Peninsula. It has been a community staple for 181 years— the first retail and general store between Fort Wayne and Mackinaw City. 

Jim and Marcy Richards are the proud owners today. They took over from the Lardy family in 1998, carrying on traditions and the legacy of the store from years past. “I’ve been coming to the store ever since I was a little kid, and I’m distantly related to a family that ran the store for a very long time,” explains Jim Richards. 

Over the decades they’ve had some pretty iconic people stop in to say “hello”. Henry and Mary Ford, Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth and more. 

Today families and locals visit for the history, to have a great conversation with the Richards, and of course, the giant cinnamon rolls and cookies! Marcy Richards, the co-owner of the Old Mission General Store lists off some of the goodies you can find if you decide to visit— “Pizza, pickles, pasties and pie!”

If you are looking to visit, click here for more information. 

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