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Iron Fish Distillery Finds Outdoor Solution to Maintain a Physically Distant Winter

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This past weekend was the last weekend that many restaurants could take advantage of outdoor seating. The weather was perfect, which gave patrons the opportunity to sip on spirits and enjoy delicious food while taking in what was left of the warm temps. As the cold weather starts to wander in, this is leaving some restaurants, who lack the indoor space, scrambling for a solution to maintain a physically distant dining experience. The co-owner of the , Sarah Anderson, and her team have come up with a way to entertain while keeping their patrons healthy and safe.

“We’ve had a great season because we had plenty of room for people to space outside and be really comfortable being here,” said Anderson. “We didn’t want the winter to be mad and sad. So, our solution is these breathable, canvas tents”. These tents come in a range of sizes for groups ranging from two to ten people. “We really like these tents because they’re breathable. They have windows that people can unzip, and our plan is that people will be able to stick go in them for 90 minutes at a time”.

The goal is to keep everyone comfy, cozy, and happy while maintaining safe distancing. “We have a slot of time after each group to sanitize and clean the tents,” Anderson explained. “We will also have fires set up so that those who are waiting won’t have to wait in the cold for too long”.

The Iron Fish Distillery is located in Thompsonville. for directions to the location, menu, and hours of operation.



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