EMT Program Now Offered at West Shore Community College

It’s not always lights and sirens when it comes to Emergency Medical Services or EMS. The process of serving starts with a lot of learning and repetition. West Shore Community College in Mason EmtCounty just started their new year-long EMT program this September, giving students across the county and beyond the opportunity to learn valuable skills. 

“There’s a huge need in Michigan, the nation and our local communities right now for EMS people,” explains Dan Yost, the EMS Program Director for West shore Community College. 

Students like Dave Pete have a desire to help better their community. Dave is 46 years old, working a full-time job, and enrolled in this program. He’s looking to make the switch because he sees the need in his immediate area. “It’s not easy but you’ve got to be dedicated,” says Pete. 

If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling, click here.

For general information on West shore Community Colege, click here.

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