Menu Monday: The Brass Cafe

Since 1984, The Brass Cafe has grown over the years from a small establishment to a full-service fine dining experience. “It’s been a journey,” says owner, Lisa Swindlehurst. “The bar and restaurant Menu Monday Brass Cafeindustry has changed and evolved over the years, and we’ve tried to keep up with the times”. According to Swindlehurst, The Brass Cafe is much more food-focused now.

Like with many family-owned businesses during the pandemic, they had to quickly adjust how they served up their patrons. “Because of COVID-19, we are only open evenings now,” Swindlehurst explained. “We’re doing dinners, but we do offer some sandwiches and lots of small plate options”.

In these times, Swindlehurst wants The Brass Cafe to be a place to escape to, have a great meal, maybe a date night, or a dinner with family. “We try to make hospitality a priority,” said Swindlehurst. “We want you to feel that this is a comfortable place to share good food and fellowship with family and friends”.

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