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Paranormal Exploration and Ghost Hunting at Mid-Michigan College

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For those who are looking for a ‘real’ scare, why not try ghost hunting? We chat with a few paranormal explorers to learn more about reaching out to the spirits, and how you can see these ghost hunters in action at .

You can join and as they scan the facilities of Mid-Michigan’s Harrison and Mt. Pleasant campuses. On this terrifying tour, you’ll get an insider’s perspective on what these ghost hunters do, how they began their paranormal investigations and the equipment they use to talk to the spirits.

This includes the very eerie “spirit box” that Todd Bonner uses in his Detroit Paranormal Expeditions. “They look like old-timey radios basically,” said Bonner. “And, what they do is scan radio frequencies, usually 100 channels per minute. So, we get a lot of interaction. The theory is that ghosts can use white noise, or radio frequencies to communicate”.

Trish Kautz and Kelly Carlson, who created Yooper Paranormal, use what they call a “Boo-Bear”. “He’s a little bear that asks questions, plays kid games with, you know, with child spirits”.

The event costs $5 for each participant, and proceeds will be donated to a local charity/nonprofit. The dates and times are:

  • Harrison Campus | Thursday, October 22 | 6 PM – 8 PM
  • Mt. Pleasant Campus | Friday, October 23 | 6 PM – 8 PM

To register for this event, .



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