The Rotary Club of Cadillac Celebrates Huge Milestone in a Big Way

The Rotary Club of Cadillac is celebrating their 100th birthday in a big way.Rotary Club

“We started in October of 1920,” said president, Randy Hill. “We initially started with 22 members on the charter. And now we’re up to about 60 members, and that’s 100 years we’ve got a lot for the community”.

In honor of this monumental milestone, The Rotary Club of Cadillac will be giving portions of $100,000 to twenty-five local nonprofits and municipalities in the area. These recipients include:

The Rotary Club of Cadillac was able to provide these “leftover” funds through the generous donations of their members, past “Rotarians”, and other community members.

“We are so blessed to be able to do this,” expressed rotary member, Jon Catlin. “It’s the best feeling in the world to give away, and to help other organizations”.

“These organizations are so important for our community in the work that they do,” says Hill. “So to even give them just whatever we can. is a great feeling and glad that we can help”.

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