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Food For Thought: Jars Jam-Packed with Purpose

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There’s always the chance to spice up some of your favorite dishes! Food for Thought in Traverse City produces hand-crafted preserves, salsas, condiments, and sauces that are sure to tantalize your tastebuds. Not only that but they use locally sourced ingredients when possible and offer Organic and Truly Natural food products. Matt Service, the Production Manager at Food for Thought says, “If you can imagine it going into a glass container of some sort— we probably make it.”

In season right now are their 20 flavors of preserves– infused with herbs, spices, and sometimes alcohol. You have to be precise when it comes to measuring the ingredients so you get the flavor and consistency just right. “You have to have just the right amount of sugar for that pectin to do its job,” explains Matt Service. “if you have too much or too little you’re going to a really really runny preserve or something that’s way too thick.”

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