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Covid 19

Michigan Ranks 38 Out of 45 States for Nursing Home COVID-19 Deaths

Many of Michigan’s coronavirus outbreaks have been traced back to long term care facilities.

Michigan has the ninth most coronavirus deaths in the country, largely because of outbreaks back in the spring.

Data from the New York Times shows that a majority of Michigan’s coronavirus deaths have come outside of nursing homes and that the state has a better rate than most.

Of Michigan’s more than 6,000 coronavirus deaths, the times reports that 31% came from nursing homes.  That puts Michigan 38 in the country out of the 45 states that report their death rate as it relates to nursing homes.

The states that are not currently reporting their COVID-19 nursing home deaths are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Michigan is also well below the national average of 40%.

Two states have seen more than 75% of their coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.

Rhode Island is at 77% percent and New Hampshire is at 81% for coronavirus deaths reported in nursing homes.

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