Artist Profile: Ron Gianola

Ron Gianola hails from the City of Detroit, where he developed a love for automobiles and music. After moving to Northern Michigan, he spread his artistic horizons to include more abstract 519 Passage 126 42 34 Oilworks. We learned more about his inspirations in today’s Artist Profile.

Who are you?

“Hi, I’m painter, Ron Gianola. My wife and I are originally from Detroit. But now we live outside of Honor, in the woods, on the bank of the Platte River.”

How did you get started?

“Well in Detroit, I always drew from a young age, and I was completely immersed in the car and music culture of the time. So, I eventually went to what is now the College for Creative Studies in automotive styling design, as well as fine arts.”

What are your favorite mediums?

“I work with oils on canvas. With brushes and sometimes a palette knife.”

What inspires you?

“Well, my first big passionate subject was the Northern Michigan landscape – but now, I moved on to a much more abstracted landscape as well as their kind of music based compositions that are based on harmony, dissonance, movement, and rhythm. So that’s all in there too.”

What do you hope people get from your pieces?

“I’d like them to get a feeling of art spirit, balance, and beauty.”

To learn more about Ron Gianola and his works of art, click here.

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