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Covid 19

CMU Warns Students of Fines, Suspensions for Attending or Hosting Large Gatherings

of a large amount of Central Michigan University students leaving a party Thursday night, the school is speaking out.

The university says they will not allow the actions of individuals to jeopardize others.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Tony Voisin says they will immediately fine or possibly suspend students who host or attend large gatherings.

He says large parties at other schools have caused spikes in cases and even shut down some campuses.

The school warns this could also happen in Mt. Pleasant if students continue “this type of reckless, irresponsible behavior.”

CMU says there have been 25 positive COVID-19 cases since June 15.

Overall in Isabella County, the state reports 276 confirmed cases, nine deaths, and 48 probable cases as of Aug. 23,

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