Federal CARES Act Funding Gives Schools Relief

Governor Whitmer announced Wednesday that $65 million in federal CARES funding will go towards schools in need.

“However it will only come for the number of students that are economically disadvantaged. So we don’t get that much money per every student we have in the building,” said Buckley Community Schools Superintendent, Jessica Harrand.

Buckley says the district qualifies for this funding, but with the new Coronavirus protocols that money is essentially already gone.

“We’ve actually spent more than that just in PPE in order to cover the first nine weeks of school. So that isn’t even going to cover 25% of the school year,” said Harrand. “$24,000 is almost insignificant considering the amount of the expense we’re facing for next year.”

Baldwin Community Schools qualifies for more funding and now  they’re figuring out how to spend it.

Baldwin Superintendent, Rick Heitmeyer said, “We will probably put that towards unexpected costs that have come from the pandemic. We know that our cleaning bill is going to go up substantially because the number of frequent cleans that we are going to need.”8ae30f86 4ddb 4b9c 9f43 F27454b58b36

Heitmeyer says they want to ensure staff and students can adapts to new ways of teaching and learning.

“We’ll probably have to purchase some hotspots as well and we know that we need to get some for our employees that don’t normally have laptops at home,” says Heitmeyer.

Baldwin students start school virtually on Monday.

The district plans to do remote learning for the first nine weeks, then go from there.

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