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The Four

Good Reads from Brilliant Books: The City We Became by N. K. Jemisin

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Imagine a world where cities are literally alive. They would eat, breathe, and live like the people within it. Our friend of ‘The Four’, Anthony Ascione gives us a preview of the book The City We Became in this edition of ‘Good Reads from ’.

Author, N. K. Jemisin invites us into a fictional fantasy where cities have souls. “So when a city, in this case in New York City, reaches a certain population, culture, and energy, it literally comes to life, explained Ascione. It tells the story about six people who become avatars of the city to protect it against the dark forces that feed on energy. “The theme of the book is very engaging, and the concept is amazing,” Ascione said. “The City We Became is going to be a hit this year”. 

Ascione also mentioned that it is not only a good read but a great audiobook as well. “The character voices are done very well, and it’s one of the better audiobooks I have heard in a while”.

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