Adopt a ‘Beach Babe’ from Cherryland Humane Society

Countless dogs and cats are in shelters across the country waiting every single day to be adopted.  It’s a reality that happens right here in northern Michigan, which is why Cherryland HumaneBeach1Beach2 Society in Traverse City has created a new promotion called “Adopt a Beach Babe” in an attempt to help get animals into loving homes.

The building itself is closed to the public because of the COVID-19 pandemic so the promotion is working with Traverse City area businesses and wineries, to provide backdrops and outdoor settings for the dogs and cats to be pictured.  Most of the animals involved have been with Cherryland for almost a year or more.

“Adopt a Beach Babe” is a great way to get the dogs and cats into the public eye in a fun way that truly portrays their personalities and the types of homes that would be best for them.

For more information about all of the animals looking for homes with Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City and the “Adopt a Beach Babe” promotion click here.


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