How Experts Are Containing COVID-19 Through Contact Tracing

As more cases of COVID-19 are uncovered every day, you are hearing more about contact tracing. The work done follows who has been exposed and where, in hopes of quarantining and containing the virus.

“We’re trying to reach out to the cases and find out who that person was in contact with,” says Dr. Laura Power, professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

There’s no way to stop COVID-19 right now but it can be contained. One of the best methods we have to contain a virus is through contact tracing.Contact Tracing Pic

“It kind of helps you see the network of exposures,” says Power, “You can really contain and slow the spread of a disease through contact tracing.”

A positive test shows up, officials find out where that person has been and who they have been with.

“We contact trace every confirmed case and every probable case,” says Susan Leeson, registered nurse with the Central Michigan District Health Department.

The public will see exposure sites posted with a date and a time. If they were there, they don’t need to panic but are asked to sit tight and check your own health.

“At a minimum people should be monitoring their symptoms I think that’s the main message to look at what different health department put out for these public notices mainly they want you to keep an eye on your symptoms

If the health department k it’s enough info, they reach out to positive exposures and work to build the net.

“A person may not tell the full truth and there’s not a lot we can do about that,” says Power, “I think most people have good intentions and want to help.”

“Some do feel like they’re going to get in trouble but they’re not going to get in trouble,” says Leeson, “We just need to identify who are the confirmed cases have been around so that we can help decrease the numbers.”

Exposure sites shouldn’t be seen as places to avoid, in reality, they are just the confirmed spots experts know of.

“The other thing they need to remember is that exposures can happen anywhere,” says Power, “COVID-19 is community wide. It’s everywhere.”

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