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Covid 19

Health Officials Push for Nationwide Mandate on Masks

Health officials are now pushing for a nationwide mandate on wearing a mask.

President Trump says he supports masks even though has made countless public appearances without a face covering.

He says if you’re in a crowd, you should be covering up. But he didn’t mention that they should be mandated nationwide.

Currently it is up to local and state governments to make mandatory face mask decisions.

In Florida, Palm Beach County’s new mask order is already the center of a lawsuit that alleges mandating wearing a mask in public “violates our constitutional and fundamental human right to privacy.”

Melissa Martz, an attorney on the lawsuit, says, “”Let us use our own brains to decide what’s good for us. Pertaining to medical care and our bodies. And this is why where there is risk there must be choice.”

Wearing a mask could help the nation financially. Goldman Sachs estimates that a national mask mandate could prevent a 5% hit to the economy.

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