Woman Rides Bike Nearly 1,200 Miles in the Upper Peninsula

A woman from Hawaii took time off of her foundation work to ride a bike 1,200 miles in the Upper Peninsula.

She finishes the journey Thursday in St. Ignace. Tour Da Yoop Vo Noon

Carrie McCoy is the founder of Kona Kids in Hawaii, which fosters learning experiences through education, exercise and leadership.

McCoy is also a tri-athlete.

Ten days ago, she started the ride in St. Ignace and arrived in the Soo Wednesday night.

Averaging close to 120 miles a day, her route took her through many small communities.

“If I was just driving around, I wouldn’t have met those people and it’s kind of been my theme is that the heart of the people of the last 10 days in the U.P. have made it a special experience,” explained McCoy.

McCoy’s father surprised her Thursday morning by driving up from Ohio to give her a new racing shirt for her final 120 mile ride from the Soo to Detour to St. Ignace.

She will be the first woman to complete the circuit.

McCoy gave this excursion a special name for a special cause.

“I run after school programs for the kids living in low-income and transitional housing, so this ride, we decided it to label it Pedal for Pencils and it’s raising money for our foundation for the kids,” explained McCoy.

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