District Health Department #2: Remain Vigilant As Oscoda County Sees COVID-19 Outbreak

District Health Department #2 wants to let the community know of a recent COVID-19 outbreak in Oscoda county.

The health department says there has been a recent outbreak in cases that can all be linked together.

They say the virus reaches all areas of the county, including the Amish community.

They want to remind everyone that COVID-19 is still in the community.

“COVID-19 is still there and we do not want to let out guard down, we want to remain vigilant,” said Devin Spivey, Community Health Director/Epidemiologist with District Health Departments #2 & #4. “We know there is potential for community spread.”

Spivey encourages everyone to continue wearing a mask while in public, maintain a social distance and avoid large crowds and events.

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