8th Annual Arts and Craft Fair Still a ‘Go’ for June 26

A few weeks ago, organizers canceled Engineers Day in Sault Ste. Marie due to the pandemic. But one festival that runs on the same day is still on. Art Fair

The 8th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair is happening Friday, June 26 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the city hall grounds of Portage Avenue. About 30 vendors will be there, which is actually a handful more than what they had expected. This is one of the many fundraisers for the E.U.P. Community Dispute Resolution Center.

“The reason we really went with it – was because of the vendors,” said Nikki Dowd-McKechnie of the CDRC. “They are like ‘please have it’. So, again, with careful consideration, we decided to hold the event, and the vendors and artists were the driving force behind it”.

Social distancing is encouraged at the outdoor event, which is free to attend.

For more information about the E.U.P. Community Resolution Center, click here.

Click here, for information on the 8th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair.

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