The Great Lakes Recovery Center Hosts Free Event to Shed Light on Substance Abuse

There are countless kinds of addictions. You may be battling one yourself, or know someone else who is. The Great Lakes Recovery Center (GLRC) in Sault Ste. Marie, along with the Sault and Bay Gl Recovery CenterMills Tribes, is hosting a free event Saturday, June 20 to shed light on substance abuse.

The organizations are holding their first ‘Peer N’Simple‘ event at 1416 Easterday Avenue across from the recycling center. There will be informational tables, trivia, free food, and games.

With the recent COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, organizers are looking forward to this event.

“It’s kind of feels like a celebration because we all miss each other,” said GLRC Recovery Coach, Andrea Kokko.  “And all those relationships you build with other people in recovery are so important. There is going to be someone here from GLRC that’s actually going to be giving tours to show the community what we are doing here”.

“It’s nothing but open arms. It’s doesn’t matter what your view is or walk of life, all we ask for is respect for your fellow person,” expressed Sault Tribe Recovery Coach, Joseph Gravelle. “You can come whether you are an addict in need, or a parent of an addict, or a person who is curious about what’s going on with addiction…maybe looking for a little more insight or resources in the community”.

For more information about the ‘Peer N’Simple’ event on June 20th from 1 – 4 PM, at 1416 West Easterday Ave. in Sault Ste. Marie, email – or click here.

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