High School Workouts Begin With New Guidelines

After the stay-at-home order was lifted, more activities were allowed for everyone, including high school athletes.

With some guidelines in place, high schools have been able to start up summer workouts.

“Yesterday was our first day,” said Clare head football coach Kelly Luplow. “We just wanted to make sure we had everything planned out right. This was a good week to start, the weather’s great and the guys are excited.”

Some of the guidelines for students and coaches include social distancing, staying outside, more cleaning, having no more than 100 people, daily screening questions and temperature checks.

“We go through the MHSAA protocol as far as different questions you have to ask,” added Luplow. “We are taking their temperatures when they walk in the gate and we’re keeping the six foot distancing as well. We’re really stressing that. We’re going to follow the rules and the guys know that.”

But regardless of the extra precautions, everyone is ready to get back to it.

“It’s exciting,” said Clare senior Jon Bouchey. “Especially after sitting home for awhile. It’s fun being out here. Usually we have agiles, and we’re all in a line talking after and getting a little rest. Now you’re just by yourself and it’s go-go-go.

They are also hopeful for the fall season.

“It’s fine as long a we’re with each other and getting better. I just hope it’s the fall,” said Bouchey.

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