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Gladwin Public Schools Honor Seniors with Life Size Cutouts

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Driving down Main Street in Gladwin, it’ll be hard to miss the tribute to Gladwin’s graduating seniors with life size cut outs of the class of 2020.

Last night, a few volunteers from Gladwin Public Schools put up life size cut outs of each student.

The class of about 115 is now proudly displayed all the way down Main Street.

The superintendent of Gladwin Public Schools says he’s glad they could do something to show their support.

“We had the idea it might be nice to do something a little different. So we kind of stumbled upon the idea of having these life sized cut outs made of all the kids. So that is what we did,” said Superintendent Rick Seebeck.

He also says they have been working hard on the drive-in style graduation they have planned for June 14th at 3 pm.

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