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Covid 19

Michigan’s Unemployment Rate Hits Historic Level in April

During the coronavirus crisis, Michigan’s unemployment rate jumped up almost 20 percentage points last month.

For April, the state says Michigan’s employment fell by 1,130,000 jobs.

The number of people unemployed grew by 839,000, and the overall labor force decreased by 291,000.

For the month of April, the state’s unemployment level finished at 22.7%.

The Department of Technology, Management and Budget says this is likely the highest rate in Michigan’s history.

In a response to the unemployment rate, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said, ““We are going through an unprecedented crisis, unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime. This virus has devastated families across the state and put hardworking Michiganders out of a job for months. I will continue working around the clock to ensure everyone who qualifies for unemployment benefits receives them during this time. But this isn’t just a problem in Michigan. Families across the country need help. We’re counting on the federal government to work together to provide additional flexibility and aid for states like Michigan to continue supporting essential services like health care, education, and police and fire departments. We will get through this together.”


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