Science with Samantha: Cloud Dough

Time to channel your inner chemists and create your very own at home playdough. This experiment will require the perfect balance of hair product to flour. This means the process of guess and 05 19 20 The Four Sws Cloud Dough Pic 01check will come into play! One can review the concept of proportions and ratio to make the perfect mixture. Once the proportions are correct, you will have your very own receipt for cloud-like playdough. 

Cloud Dough 

Ingredients Needed: 

  1. Flour or Corn Starch
  2. Shampoo or Conditioner  
  3. Bowl
  4. Optional: Food Coloring

Some Questions To Prompt The Activity 

  1. What is the ratio of flour to conditioner needed?
  2. Do you need more flour or more conditioner? 
  3. Is there anything you could add to this mixture? If so, would that change the ratio?

Experiment Steps:

  1. Start off with a little conditioner or shampoo in the bowl
  2. Mix in some flour or corn starch and start folding the two ingredients together
  3. Add in the food coloring of your choice
  4. Keep mixing, rolling, and experimenting with the flour and conditioner until the dough comes together! 
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