Lake Superior State University President Details Changes to Reopen Campus for Fall Semester

As businesses and organizations continue to look towards reopening, Lake Superior State University announced their plans for the fall. 05 08 2020 Lssu Changes Pkg 6

“It’s a strange time we’re in but we want to still have that university experience but still be safe as possible,” said LSSU President Rodney Hanley.

Handley says they have taken a lot of time and effort to put this plan together.

“When we were looking at our academic calendar the thing that really stuck out to us was our thanksgiving break,” Hanley said.

That’s why they have shifted the fall semester.

Students will now come back in early August and finish the semester before Thanksgiving.

“We were concerned about students traveling away from campus, maybe being exposed to the virus then bringing it to campus,” Hanley said.

They’ll also be installing more hand sanitizer stations, increase sanitation of frequently touched areas, and enact social distancing across campus.

“We are looking at our facilities on campus, so we can take a regular sized class and move it to a larger facility, so students can spread out more in the classroom,” Hanley said.

Hanley expects many students will request a single room dorm.

They also have plans for a quarantine house.

“So, if students began to exhibit symptoms we could move them to the quarantine house for 14 days,” Hanley said.

Hanley says students should also expect some form of temperature checks.

“We don’t know what tomorrow holds, or what next week holds, we may end up adjusting the plan, but we think we’ll be in a position to open in the fall,” Handley said.


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