Cheboygan County COVID-19 Test Site Opens

Cheboygan opened up a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site Monday at the County Fairgrounds.

Alcona Health Center partnered with the Health Department and Cheboygan County to make the drive-thru testing site possible. 04 27 2020 Cheb Drive Thru Testing Vo 6

Right now, they are only able to test people with symptoms.

To get a test you must first get an order from your doctor and make an appointment.

Then, they’ll walk you through the steps.

“When they arrive it’s really straight forward it’s one path they can take, there’s a check in at the front to check ID then they’ll come around to our nurse who will give them the swabbing kit,” said Kayla Dietz, Regional Operations Manager with Alcona Health.

For the state’s test site locator, click here.

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