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Covid 19

Car Dealerships Seeing Effects of COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic is effecting the pocket books of families all over the nation.

This means that people are putting the extra thought in before they spend their dime.

One car dealership in Cadillac says most of the customers they’re seeing know exactly what they want.

General Manager of Betten Baker Chevrolet Buick of Cadillac, Evan Godfrey, says, “They’re only venturing out if they absolutely need to or if it seems to be high on their priority list. So make people that are making the effort to reach out to someone, they kinda know what they’re after.”

Godfrey says right now people are cautious to buy but some are viewing it as a perfect time.

“They’re trying to establish either how important the purchase is or the service of the vehicle they’re trying to get worked on. And I think most people are coming to the conclusion before they contact us,” Godfrey said.

This pandemic has changed the way dealerships are selling cars.

Godfrey says, “A lot of the transactions we’ve dealt with so far Is they’re in their vehicle, we’re standing out side of the vehicle.”

His team is on routine cycles to make sure the cars in the lot are disinfected.

“We have quite an elaborate process,” said Godfrey. “We go through and we sanitize any area you could ever think of touching.”

He also says that even though sales are low, business has been steady.

“We hope to be able to sell 30% to 40% of what we normally would in a month. We’re on pace to do that,” said Godfrey.

Betten Baker Chevrolet Buick of Cadillac says that even if coming to the dealership is too close for comfort, many car dealerships have virtual showrooms.

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