Grayling Robotics Team 3D Printing Face Shields for First Responders

The Grayling Schools robotics team is now building face shields for local first responders.

Grayling Robotics Vo 6.transcoded.01.transferThanks to a partnership with the Frederic Fire Department, the RoboVikes team has made about 60 face shields with their 3D printer.

The shields are made of plastic and cover the entire face of the wearer.

The team has distributed the supplies to emergency service agencies across the region.

“The school putting this together had a vision for something that is reusable and something that is going to keep us as safe as possible keeping the splash guard in our face and it also will keep our employees safe as they go back home, so they are not contracting anything and taking anything back home with them,” said Allen Ballard, public information officer at Frederic Fire Department.

The team can print about 15 shields a day and they plan to make as many as they can for first responders.

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