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Intrepid Cycling Company: Keeping Athletes Engaged and on Track When Gyms are Closed

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Athletes around the state are missing their time in the studio or at the gym, but with a bit of creativity and plenty of motivation, nothing is stopping them from getting their workout in.

Liz Belt, owner of Intrepid Cycling Company and Certified Personal Trainer explains that this is anything but your average drop-in spin class.”You actually reserve your seat weeks out and then you follow a very specific program where I coach you and make sure you are seeing the results.”

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a superstar athlete to join. They believe everyone is an athlete no matter your shape, size, age, etc. Liz Belt explains, “When you come in you power test into the program so we meet you where you’re at. We do an endurance test on you and we take those numbers and do equations and say this is where you’re at this is where we want you to be.”


These structured workouts are still structured despite everything that is going on in our world currently they just are taking things virtual. Liz is offering online resources and workouts for the athletes enrolled in the program to try out for themselves.

The cycling community in Traverse City is a big deal and as you can guess, many of the upcoming competitions/races have been postponed, canceled or rescheduled. Liz however is looking at this as the ultimate silver lining. “If you weren’t training your hardest or were behind you now have the time to extend that and train harder and get yourself back on track for sure,” shares Liz.

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