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Iron Fish Distillery Making Hand Sanitizer For Health, Safety, Critical Service Workers

Another local business is doing its part to help Northern Michigan during the coronavirus crisis.

Iron Fish Distillery in Thompsonville has switched from making spirits to making hand sanitizers.

The distillery wanted to help out in its own way, and since they already had some of the supplies to make the sanitizer, they decided to do just that.

Over the last few weeks they have distributed to health care facilities, emergency response personnel, and other essential workers.

“Today we just did 400 gallons to Munson Healthcare, we’ll be doing 1200 gallons total to them over the next couple of weeks,” said one of the partners at Iron Fish, Sarah Anderson. “Other big EMS and fire departments around the region anybody who’s interfacing with the public especially in the health and safety arenas, those have been our targets.”

The distillery has also had help from Watson Benzie Chrysler and Northwoods Soda for transporting materials and supplies.

Iron Fish is bottling the sanitizer in three different sizes, including gallon jugs.

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