Church Volunteers Delivering Groceries To Elderly Community Members

Local church members have banded together to help their neighbors in need.

The Sears Church of God in the Evart area is grocery shopping for elderly community members.

They’ve created a group of volunteers who will make grocery runs every Sunday for people in the community that are 60+ and are unable to make it to the store at this time.

Seniors can reach out to the church and they will take your shopping list and then go pick the groceries up and deliver them to you.

The church sees this as a way to bring some light to a tough situation.

“We really want to be involved in the community and we want to help in anyway we can,” said Pastor Josh Webb. “We didn’t close our doors yet because we really feel that God wants us to be a light on the hillside. And we’re hoping that this would just help our friends and loved ones around the area, no matter where you go to church or if you don’t go to church.”

Seniors in the Sears/Evart area can call 989-487-5886 or 231-620-2504 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. or visit their Facebook page to get more information on getting on their list.

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