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96-Year-Old Learns Guitar at the Music House in Manistee

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Who said it was ever too late to try something new? At the age of 96 years old, Lorien Adamski is picking up a new hobby, he’s learning to play the guitar!

Lorien has been going to the Music House in Manistee for just over 5 weeks now learning the basics of playing this iconic instrument.

When asked why it took so long to give the guitar a go, Lorien’s response was simple. “It gives me something to do. I’ve got lots of time!”

His instructor, John Hansen welcomed Lorien with open arms to his weekly lessons. “He is definitely the oldest student I have ever had. How many people over 90 are interested in starting something new?” Great question…

John quickly taught Lorien how to master the first, second and third string… Although he’s not planning to take this show on the road any time soon, he is determined to master the 4th,  5th and 6th string and Lorien’s undeniably proud. “He says I’m doing better than some of his younger students!”

If you would like to take lessons for yourself at the Music House in Manistee call, (231) 723-2744

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