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Spencer’s Legacy Lives on at Petoskey High School

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A club at Petoskey High School is dedicated to making sure no one forgets one of the students who used to walk these halls.

Madison Gardner was there a few weeks ago to learn about the Cheeto Club.

It was all started because of one young boy who was killed in a car crash, his name was Spencer Tibbitts.

He was known for the way he made his peers feel. He made sure no one felt alone. Something that still resonates with students today.

The people he impacted want to make sure no one forgets … After their friend was killed in a car crash.

Their club represents kindness and selflessness.

Physics teacher Lance Bailey said, “A kid was struggling in the hallway and he [Spencer] pulled out a bag of Cheetos and handed them to the kid and said ‘hey man I hope you have a better day! Nobody can be sad when you’re eating a bag of Cheetos.’”

His father said, if there are angels, he must be one of them.

Teachers and administrators are helping to keep Spencer’s legacy alive through this student club.

“Lance actually went and got a bag of Cheetos one day after that all happened and hung it up in his room and I’m pretty sure it stills hangs in his room actually”, said Chris Tibbits, Spencer’s father.

Today the Cheetos Club is doing, even more, sharing their passion with local elementary school students.

They’re hard at work making sure every single student feels recognized.

Junior Emma Daniel said, “Every day when it’s someone’s birthday they get a birthday bag- that’s specifically for them.”

They draw on them and make them special with fun and punny jokes just like Spencer did.

They also take part in something called “locker love” where students put something encouraging on their locker with a sweet treat inside.

Mr. Bailey said, “It just starts your day right. I see the students come into my first hour with their little treat like smiling and talking about that and maybe if they start their day with a little joy they’ll be kinder to someone else.”

Those random acts of kindness create ripples, something Spencer would be proud to see.

Chris Tibbits said, “He gained those friends by being kind to other people. Not by being the star athlete not by being the best-looking kid in school or the smartest kid in school but just because he did nice things for people.”

And we will leave you with this, “Kindness is clarity, kindness is courageous. Kindness is doing something most people don’t do”, said Mr. Bailey.

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