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Covid 19

Northern Michigan Officials Warn Public About Coronavirus Scams

Promo Image: Michigan State Police Warn Residents of COVID-19 Scams

Authorities at the local and national levels want you to be on the lookout for coronavirus scammers.

The Leelanau County administrator tells us they’ve gotten calls from residents saying the county is calling to tell them they’ve been selected for free coronavirus tests.

The county wants you to know they are not offering free tests or calling random people.

The Sault Ste. Marie Police Department has a similar warning, saying people are impersonating Red Cross workers trying to sell services to perform a coronavirus test.

They remind you to avoid giving money to uninvited visitors and don’t let them inside.

Attorney General Dana Nessel says scammers are impersonating the Ionia County Health Department, calling to offer medication and asking for Medicaid and Medicare numbers for payment.

Nessel says, “Never provide any personal information over the phone unless you have first independently confirmed who you are talking to.”