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Exploratory Wednesday at Kalkaska Middle School

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Disclaimer: This was shot prior to schools closing due to Coronavirus concerns. 

Kalkaska Middle Schoolers are looking forward to each Wednesday. Why you may ask? It’s Exploratory Wednesday! For about an hour each Wednesday students are encouraged to explore and find their passions in life. They break out into sessions led by staff or members in their community.

From photography to working with MSU Extension, to even learning combat training, there are endless engaging opportunities for students. “Let’s expose them to lots and lots of different things. Figure out what they’re good at, what they want to do-what their strengths and weaknesses are,” explains Collette Sabins.

This opportunity came when the school was looking for a block in their week where staff can get together and learn how they can better serve their students with technology since going “one-to-one” back in the fall. Now, not only are staff learning tricks to keep their students better engaged but their offering students something they’re looking forward to every week.

If you would like more information or would like to volunteer at the school for this program, call (231) 258-4040.

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