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Gov. Whitmer Declares State of Emergency Over Coronavirus Worries

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Two weeks ago, Governor Gretchen Whitmer set up an Emergency Operations Center to better equip the state to be able to respond to a possible coronavirus outbreak in Michigan.

With the state’s first two confirmed cases, Whitmer has now declared a state of emergency.

A state of emergency declaration won’t bring the National Guard into town, won’t bring hazmat suits and martial law but it will take two major steps toward protecting Michiganders from the spread of coronavirus.

The declaration will make the fear and precaution towards the virus, official. Adding gravity to their warnings of proper personal hygiene and avoiding large crowds.

From a more tactile perspective, it will open up funding and programs to better supply the state with what it needs to test and limit coronavirus.

A supplemental bill package containing an extra $10 million for the fight is making its way through the legislature right now.

Just a bit ago we got an update a day after the declaration.

“Even if you are healthy and asymptomatic you can unknowingly be carrying and spreading the disease,” says Gov. Whitmer, “Assume that you are, and take those precautions. Do it for yourself, for your loved ones, for your coworkers and public at large.”

There is no set time for the declaration to run out, it will be a fluid manner handled by the administration.

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