Seniors and Students Bonding at Scottville Area Senior Center

“Everybody needs somebody whether you’re young or you’re old”

The Scottville Area Senior Center is bridging the generational gap with a special program. Students and seniors are coming together once each month to bond over games, community activities, and lunch. This is part of a new program called “The Alliance Project”. Students from Mason County Schools’ Spartan Academy are making the short trip to the senior center to hear some of their wisdom.

Bethany Newman, a senior says, “When I come here I feel like the same excitement I bring to my grandparents I can bring to them.”

Students came in with no expectations but were surprised to find how much they enjoyed the senior’s company. “They’re like people you can get along with. Like they can give you life advice or tell you their experiences in high school,” explains Bethany.

This program and these relationships they’re forming are mutually beneficial and the results are starting to show. “I can see a difference from last week to this week. We’re mellowing in with them and they’re mellowing in with us,” shares Jeannette Harris.

If you would like more information on this program or learn what the Scottville Area Senior Center is up to, click here. 


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