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Winter Boat Building Program with Inland Seas Education Association

Students across Grand Traverse County are taking part this winter in Inland Seas Education Association’s 9 Week Boat Building Program. This program is instilling a passion for stewardship of the Great Lakes for students ages 8-12.

Adam Burks, the lead boatbuilding instructor explains, “It’s one of the reasons why we like to do the hands-on education.”

For students, they are getting to learn teamwork and project management skills. Skills that are sure to stick with them for years to come. Becky Lechota, a sixth-grade student says, “For me, it was because I’m a sailor and I’ve never really known how boats were made before. So to see all the effort put into it is really cool.”

For many of these students, the project will come full circle when they head out to sail them with Traverse Area Community Sailing.

If you want more information on the Inland Seas Education Association and the many events, volunteer opportunities they have this winter,

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