From Michigan with Love 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Released

Buying gifts for family and friends is a task that takes more thought than anything, but we want to help make that process easier with a holiday gift idea that is sure to make everyone happy.

We had Franklin Dohanyos LIVE on ‘the four’ to walk us through his 2019 Holiday Shopping Guide. He featured some new products and some returning favorites.

Here is a full list of his Holiday Gift Guide:


Did you know that Better Made Chocolate Covered Chips are made with Sanders Chocolate?

They’re back for the holidays in limited supply so you’d better get them fast at local stores. They are available in light or dark chocolate. You can also purchase all kinds of fresh, delicious Better Made products on-line, at the factory store and just about any store in Michigan! For holiday gift giving, Better Made offers a sampler box of 15 different freshly made snack foods with a wide variety of chips, popcorn, nacho chips, pretzels, potato sticks, pork rinds, and other great items are available – and don’t forget Better Made wearables and trinkets!



Bowl turning is an American tradition that began over 150 years ago when wooden bowls were an important part of everyday life. Today, turning wood bowls is a vanishing art form, with Holland Bowl Mill being one of only a few commercial producers left in the United States. Holland Bowl Mill manufactures many sizes of beautifully grained wooden bowls as well as kitchen implements.


CASK & KETTLE, Battle Creek, MI

CASK & KETTLE introduced the world to an easy and convenient way for anyone to prepare and serve a complete, well-crafted hot cocktail in the comfort of their own home! Simply pop one of the single serve cups into your kpod-style brewing system and a smooth, aromatic hot cocktail is ready in seconds. It’s the first ready-to-brew, 1 shot, hot cocktails prepared perfectly every time. Currently four delicious flavors are available: Irish Coffee (76 Proof), Spiked Dry Cider (50 Proof), Hot Blonde Coffee (74 Proof), and Mexican Coffee (64 Proof).



For over 40 years, Sleeping Bear Farms in beautiful Beulah, MI has produced honey and related products. With over 6,000 hives that produce 400,000 pounds of raw honey each year, Sleeping Bear Farms is one of the nation’s largest hive to bottle Apiaries. Their main product is Star Thistle honey, from Northwest Lower Michigan. The company produces a variety of honey related products, including regular honey, raw honey, crème honey, and honey mustard, as well as some of the best Maple Syrup in Michigan! Sleeping Bear Farms products can be found in Meijer, Kroger, Whole Foods, Lucky’s Markets, many Family Fare, Olesons and Tom’s Markets as well as many, many more.



Devon’s Mackinac Island Fudge Company creates some of Michigan’s finest fudge, candies, and saltwater taffy anywhere! The company always uses ingredients from suppliers in Michigan because they know the value of supporting Michigan businesses. Mackinac Island Fudge Company is open all year round with, including 50-plus flavors!



Altes beer is a Detroit original that was first brewed in 1910. It was an immediate regional favorite after prohibition ended in 1933. By the 60’s, Altes sponsored the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers. It is made with imported German hops and 100% barley for a more malty taste, like a Bavarian style beer. It is now available all over Michigan in stores, taverns, and stadiums.



A family favorite since 1946, what holiday table would be complete without a delicious honey-glazed, spiral-sliced Dearborn Ham! Perfect for Christmas, New Years, and watching your favorite teams in action. And for the die-hard, late fall, and winter outdoor grillers Dearborn a variety of sausages and now – Veggie Hot Dogs. Add some flavored Hunter’s sticks and you have a complete meal! Dearborn products are available in stores throughout Southeast Michigan, including Kroger stores, most other supermarkets, and at the Dearborn Brand retail outlets in Roseville and in Dearborn. Delicious holiday catering trays are also available.



Heart of Michigan offers a plethora of beautifully created Made In Michigan baskets that customers can design themselves by choosing the size and contents of each one, all using items from Michigan companies like Sanders, Better Made, Dearborn Sausage, Vernors, U.P. Foods, Germack, Schulers, and many, many more. You can be as creative you want, and these baskets make nice gifts for the home, as gifts for friends and family, shipping to people in or out of state, appreciation gifts, and more.

Watch the video above to see what Franklin has to say about his gift guide.

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