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Sisterhood of Shooters: Northern Michigan Women Shooting and Training Together

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“I feel empowered when I shoot and when I can shoot well, you can see a gun and you’re not afraid of it.”

Like a Lady Firearms Training is a business owned by Alycia Pollotta, who wanted to offer a new perspective to females that are learning how to shoot a firearm. On top of this, she is a chapter facilitator for “A Girl and a Gun” — a national shooting league with chapters across the country. “One of the best ways to convey women’s rights is to make sure they have all the proper tools and training to protect themselves,” explains Pollotta.

These fiery females are not afraid to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.”To say that ladies and firearms don’t mix or ladies and guns don’t mix— I think is completely the opposite. You can absolutely be classy and everything we want to represent as women while still having that added component of saying that I also take my safety into my own hands,” says Pollotta.

For Jackie Klare, getting her concealed pistol license has beenone of  the best decision she has made. “I kind of hold my head a little bit higher and my shoulders back a little bit and I think it’s because you have a command of the sport,” explains Klare.

Diane Speas, who has been recreational shooting with her husband for just over three decades says, “You don’t have to be a guy to shoot and they’ve been hiding this from us for years! It’s fun! It’s a lot of fun.”

This sisterhood of shooters is offering women a sense of empowerment and a feeling of security.

“If I can handle certain firearms-whether it’s a handgun, a shot gun, with different amounts of recoil then what can’t I handle?”

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