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Talking Trash: Composting

When it comes to recycling, Michigan is one of the worst in the nation. In fact, Michigan only recycles 15% of all recyclable materials. That’s why the state is pushing the “Know It Before You Throw It” and northern Michigan recycle companies and area businesses want to help with the effort.

Every Tuesday on ‘the four’ we’re featuring a different item to be recycled including the rules for that material. We want to make it simple for your family in an effort to educate and inform. Plus, the mission is to keep northern Michigan and the entire state, clean and green for our environment.

In fact, about 94% of the food we throw away ends up in landfills. That includes everything from uneaten leftovers to spoiled produce. Composting is a way to turn these food materials like coffee grounds and even used tea bags into organic material that doubles as a fertilizer.  The process involves a breakdown of bacteria in the soil once these items and mixed together.

Sarna Salzman with SEEDS, a nonprofit specializing in after school programs for ecology and conservation, breaks down the basics of composting for families.

To see the interviews with Sarna and how to start a composting station with your family, click on the video link above.

For more information about SEEDS

For a direct link to the “Know It Before You Throw It” campaign with the Recycling Raccoon Squad