Lake Superior State Sorority Hosts Teeter Totter Marathon for Charity

A brave group of sorority sisters is braving wind, rain and dropping temperatures to teeter-totter in the middle of downtown Sault Ste. Marie.

The Alpha Kappa Chi sorority from Lake Superior State University will be out for 48 hours straight this weekend. It’s their 31st Teeter Totter-athon for charity.

They’re raising money for the Epilepsy Research Foundation and the Diane Pepler Resource Center, which helps survivors of abuse and violence.

They started their marathon on Friday and will be rocking till 7:00 Sunday night. Their goal is to raise $3000.

“I think it is something that everyone should try to come out and support.   If you look out on the corners, you will see a lot of the frats and sororities do a lot of different events to donate money.  All the money goes to charity.  It’s a good deed for the day!” said junior Payton Back.

The girls also have a GoFundMe page. You can donate here: