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Ferris State Students are Preparing to Protect with Cyber Security Program

One in three Americans will have their information comprised each year and Michelle Dunaway is at Ferris State University learning about one program that is working to stop it all.

The Cyber Security and Data Anaylsis program at Ferris is one of five in the United States that is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). It all began back in 2006 when administration and advisors came together to create a new program based on society needs.

This program is not only difficult to study, but also nearly impossible to be accepted into. The field is constantly needing more professionals, but it is important that they are the best of the best. That’s what Ferris is working to accomplish each day in their classrooms.

Michelle met with program professor and Doctor Greg Gogolin, to learn more about what they are doing every day to keep people and their information safe.

He said, “This program was designed brand new from the ground up rather than taking an existing program and snapping on a few classes and that way we were able to design something that fit the needs rather than just a compromise we did that well closing in on 15 years ago.”

Greg has been there since the beginning and he says that they have two big goals. The first is to be the best program instead of the biggest to ensure that they are getting the best education possible and producing the best professionals. Plus, they want to raise awareness for cyber security to help them protect not only themselves but their companies, families, and friends.

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