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GTPulse: Traverse City Man Dedicates His Life To Ghost Hunting

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Paranormal activity has sparked a wide range of debate over the years. Everyone has an opinion on the idea of ethereal spirits roaming around the planet, are they real? And if they aren’t how does one prove it? There is no denying that people will debate over the existence of ghosts until the end of time. Whether you believe in paranormal activity or not, Lee Mikowski is out to clear Northern Michigan of any and all bad spirits.

Lee is Traverse City born, raised and resident. He became obsessed with the paranormal as a child and the fascination grew throughout his life.

“When I was younger I had some encounters with the paranormal. I used to be a skeptic. We lived in a big white house on the corner of Hannah and Grant and I always noticed my stuff was moved around in places that I would never put it. I remember for years I would walk behind the commons and there are places back there that are a little…off.  I’ve had team members have their dog stop and start barking and growling at nothing out there.”

Lee has a group of four others that assist him with cleansings, two team members have been with him since he started the business in 2011.

To have an area cleansed of spirits Lee goes through a detailed process. He first has a preliminary meeting with a potential client where he will go to the property, ask questions, and look around. He then deep dives into historical research of the property, looking at everything from past owners to deaths that had happened near the property. A particular case the paranormal society dealt with in the Kalamazoo area was a paranormal haven because of a haunted past.

“The history pulled up children that had died in the area and when we came to the site the client said she could hear children running around and laughing.”

Lee is a history buff and part of the reason he loves working on paranormal cases is the historical research aspect. He also enjoys Traverse City history and said that people can catch some paranormal activity in the woods behind the commons as well as where the Pere Marquette Railroad used to run by Grawn, Michigan. A tragic train accident in 1919 inspired Lee to find the crash site where he spotted several paranormal signs.

After the research is done, Lee and a few of his team members will go out to the paranormal site to identify the activity and cleanse the space if spirits are detected. Lee and his team mates use a variety of methods to identify spirits as well as a specific process.

“We aren’t walking around different parts of the house at different times. We all go in the same room together and are quiet so we can record audio, get photos, check that area out first. The last thing you want is to hear footsteps in another room while you’re trying to listen for something.”

Once a spirit is identified Lee begins a cleansing process that he performs himself because he is ordained to be a minister.

“I’m a christian. I’ve been a minister since eons ago,” Lee said. “I did not get a chance to connect with a church because I am LGBTQ friendly. It’s nice though because when I do cleansings I don’t have to call a priest!”

A cleansing consists of prayers, Holy water, and smudging with sage and palo santo sticks. Sometimes a client doesn’t want a cleansing, they just want to know if their home is haunted. Lee always obliges to the client’s wishes, but he also highly recommends a cleansing if spirits are found.

“When we’re there it can ramp up the paranormal activity afterwards which can happen if you don’t cleanse the space.”

Lee does all of this work for free. Seriously. He once made a trip down to Detroit to cleanse a house of spirits. The money he spends on gas, batteries and supplies is all out of his own pocket. Why does he do it?

“I think it’s a human right to live comfortably in your home, and it’s something I’m passionate about.”

Lee takes his clients privacy very seriously. Shadow Paranormal Society does not have a social media presence, just a website. He is available for paranormal consultations and cleansings and is always accepting new members into the Shadow Paranormal Society, all he asks is that people take the work and him seriously and to not waste his time. Lee has had clients make appointments with him as a joke, only to cancel on him after he has already spent time researching.

Lee is passionate about the paranormal world and if you’ve ever suspected that your home is haunted, give Lee and a try. Tis the season.






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