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Gaylord Receives Grant For Electric School Busses

The future is now. The state is rolling out brand new electric school busses and one Northern Michigan district will be part of the pilot program.

Gaylord will be one of seven districts to receive grants to purchase these electric busses.

State grants take the electric price of $400,000 per bus which lowers its price closer to that of a standard diesel bus, about $85,000.

Gaylord will get two of the electric buses and are excited to be a part of the program as they test the viability of the technology, the environmental impact and the price savings. It costs about $9 a day to charge and get a 120-mile range.

“Originally we have 25 routes, so these routes are primarily going to be in town, shuttle routes,” says Brian Pearson, superintendent of Gaylord Community Schools, “Then we will plug them in at night and use them the next day. As that range increases there is the potential for the use of electric transportation increases.”

They are so quiet, they have external speakers that will play sounds and music to alert students they are coming. Gaylord should be getting the busses in about a month.

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