Business in Focus: B2 Outlet Store Gaylord

One outlet store is taking over the market with its variety of items and of course their great prices.

Today we caught up with CEO Jason Hoffer of B2 Outlet Stores to talk all about a new franchise making its way to Gaylord. The grand opening was today and to say it was a busy is an understatement.

They sell brand new items at a discounted price and work to serve local communities through their non-profit work.

Their mission is to make an impact on the lives of those around them through the supply of low-price items.

B2 Outlet Stores call Michigan home and they are not only a great cheap location, but also a great cause. For every purchase made at a B2 Outlet Store, you are supporting tomorrow’s leaders. They partner with local youth organizations to help empower young children, plus they can apply for funding through their website.

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