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Tech Tuesday: Box Tops for Education Goes Digital

If you clip box tops to help your local school, today’s Tech Tuesday is for you!

Box Tops for Education is going digital!

We break down the new Box Tops mobile app for this week’s Tech Tuesday.

Box Tops for Education has just released a new app to help you raise money for your local school.

Before the app was released, people would physically cut out the Box Tops and give them to the school of their choice.

Now, you can simply scan your receipt and the app will identify participating products and instantly add the Box Tops to your school’s earnings online.

Box Tops for Education is phasing out the traditional Box Top clips, and will eventually become digital-only.

Until the transition is complete, you can still clip Box Tops and send them to the school of your choice. They’re even letting people double dip, giving schools 10 cents for each clipped Box Top and another 10 cents when you scan your receipt.

Box Tops for Education says the app is easy to use, more convenient than clipping, and you can track your school’s earnings in real time.

Once you download the app, simply register and select a school, then scan eligible receipts. That’s all it takes to start earning money for your school of choice!

For those who shop for groceries online, you can now submit your email receipts. Just forward your email receipt to using the same email address associated with your Box Tops for Education account!

For more information on the new Box Tops for Education app, .