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The Four

Producer Picks: Post-Bath Zoomies

Fridays are the best around here because we always get a new fur-friend out of it.

Today we wanted to show you guys this awesome compilation of post-bath dog zoomies.

Turns out that post-bath hyperactivity is actually a real thing.

If your dog is stresses out by baths, their zoomies are probably even worse too.

The whole time your dog is getting a bath they are building up this energy and when it’s finally over, its zoomie time.

They do this for a few reasons…

  1. They are relieved it’s over and they are excited.
  2. They miss their old dirty smell and want to rub off the new pretty smell.
  3. They are attempting to dry off.

So don’t get too upset by the excessive shaking and prancing, instead capture a video of it and make sure to share it with your friends because honestly, it’s too cute to keep to yourself!