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Flip Tips: Bathroom Sinks & Faucets

We are fixing up another room in our rhetorical home with interior designer Shane Inman of and we are diving deeper into bathroom design.

From toilets last week to the next important aspect, in Traverse City has it all and this week we are talking about the bathroom sink and faucet.

Matching appliances and finished is something they have discussed heavily, so of course we are covering more this week.

The color or finish groups that categorize each finish is called a suite and it’s important to keep each room within a certain color range and suite.

There are two different types of sinks to choose from on a broader spectrum that includes the over mount and the traditional under mount.

An over mount sink should be used on laminate counter tops to keep water from seeping under the counter top while under mounts should be used on stone.

When discussing faucets, Shane ways his clients towards faucets with one handle for convenience and better temperature control.

To ask Shane any design questions,

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