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Beach Trash Turned into Art

There is an endless supply of trash filling our garbage cans at home, filling the oceans and covering our beaches. The Great Lakes are no exception. Deborah Hecht, an artist from down state has spent many summer’s picking up trash during her walks along Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

Deborah was overwhelmed by the amount of trash she found along the beach that she decided to take these objects and use them to make beautiful mosaics that are now displayed at the Inland Seas’ Capt. Thomas M. Kelly Biological Station through July 20.

“They’re all kind of abstract but they all kind of resemble a marine environment if you stand back enough you’ll see fish and waves – everything looks marine like so it definitely reflects the environment she found it in. One thing I found to be pretty remarkable and incredible is that although some were abstract there was one that really resembled the sunset,” says Executive Director of Inland Seas, Fred Sitkins.

Inland Seas recently had a grand opening – creating a place for school groups and educators to stay when visiting Suttons Bay.

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